Our Story

Ojas – the luxury skincare brand is quintessentially a baby that was born after two friends Varisha and Cherry decided to come together and create a brand that would take some of the less explored skincare secrets to the masses.

Ayurveda came naturally to Varisha, who had started practicing yoga from an early age. Whenever, she had tried to find a skincare product that was all-natural and organic, she would only end up being disappointed. That is when, she decided that it is high time that she takes matters into her own hands and work towards creating a brand that speaks aloud about Indian traditions, age-old techniques and of course be able to take inspiration from the branch of Ayurveda.

When Varisha was having one such conversation with Cherry, she was surprised to know that Cherry had similar plans in her mind. For Cherry, skincare was all about the “nuskas” that sprung up time and again from her grandmother’s basket full of beauty secrets. She was always keen on creating a skincare wonder that would be a spot on blend of old-styled skincare ideas laid on a bed on contemporary and modern-day practices.

Realizing that both of them were working towards a common goal, they decided to join hands. Out of their combined efforts, Ojas the Luxury Bath was born.

Both Varisha and Cherry believe in living life to the fullest and no matter what always try to be happy. They understand that a healthy and glowing skin is one of the reasons behind a person’s smile and happiness. Thus, together, they strive to create skincare products that are 100% safe for use as also environment-friendly.

Just as Varisha enjoys spending some quality time in the company of her family and friends, Cherry is a complete foodie, who enjoys different cuisines. She finds cooking therapeutic and thus takes time off for cooking occasionally.