About Us

Every individual deserves to feel special and gorgeous inside out. Ojas, which is a coming of age and result-driven skincare brand, strives to achieve just that. We take pride in delivering organic and skin-friendly products to men and women alike. At Ojas, tradition meets trends.

We encourage every person to FLY – First Love Yourself by delivering customized skin care products. Our team puts in extra efforts to put together skin care products that are suitable for every skin type. We understand that both men and women have distinct skin care needs and thus we work closely on these lines.

This clearly means we do have something exceptional for each one of you. Yes You!

Ojas began with the idea of curating skincare products that are all-natural. Our products are born out of the unusual ingredients gifted by Mother Earth. We pick our raw materials from regions that are native to these inputs. Right from sourcing coconut oil from the serene and calm stretch of Goa to get the coffee beans picked from the mesmerizing land of Coorg, quality is one element that we disagree to compromise on.

We understand that your skin deserves immense love and care to feel healthy, shiny and hydrated. Our products aim to achieve this and much more. We urge all men and women, who wish to make their skin feel and look exceptional to try our skin care wonders.

India is a diverse land. There is so much worth exploring in different parts of India. Every nook and corner of this nation takes pride in delivering ingredients and raw materials that are unique and exclusive.

This is something our team decided to use to the advantage of our customers, who have always had blind faith in us. All our products are thus home bound. Right from collecting the raw materials to delivering the final skin care product, the entire process takes place within the boundaries of India. Indian culture and traditions are here you stay. Our products speak volumes regarding this.

Ayurveda, which is the mother of all healings originated in India some 5000 years ago. Repeatedly, this field of study has proven to be remedial and therapeutic. How is it that something, which is so beneficial, remains excluded from our products?

At Ojas, we present skin care products that derive their meaning from Ayurveda. Our USP lies in creating an alloy of organic ingredients, which come together on a science backed canvas of Ayurveda.

A favorite brand to all animal lovers, our products are 100% vegetarian.

We have a young, talented and vivacious team onboard, who consider innovation and creativity as the stepping-stone. With a never seen before flexible approach, we are constantly on our toes to modify and improve our products in line with the latest developments in the skincare industry. Our brand resonates with fresh, firsthand and original breakthroughs.

Customers, who have used our products once, have become our loyalists forever. They have developed a sense of belongingness towards our brand, which stops them from moving elsewhere.

This for sure is a result of our dedicated efforts and unbeatable determination. We have come a long way and still have a long way to go. Learning is an ongoing process and thus we are going to keep learning new skin care secrets each day.

Welcome to your very own Ojas Family!